Saturday, December 1, 2012

Devil Rider 1970 (whole Movie)

This is Floridas entry to the biker flick sweapsteaks.. This duesy is a real C movie or B movie at best. A tale of a bored square blond chick who has a fight with his sqaurer than square karate instructer boy friend, teaming up with a band of sleazy  bikers n getting into trouble in the usall predictable way, and a father who hires the clumsiest private eye around to find her. The riding scenes, bikes and soundtrack by a unknown local band give this flick an edge it would have otherwise lacked. Theres the usall dose of inbreed loutish behaviour and general neantherthal moves. See it if C flicks are ya thing. These movie posters are so exagerated that seeing the movie you think you're seeing the wrong flick..

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