Monday, December 24, 2012

Rebel Rousers (1967) 1970

I surpose most of you remember Jack Nicolson as the hot head kid from Hells Angels on wheels 1967 or the drunk suit in Easy rider or his famous "Heres Johnny" persona in The Shining. This flick was done in 67 but released first in 70 in order to cash in on Nicholsons Easy rider fame. Well Bruce Dern is the actor in focus here n Nicholson plays a minor role as Bunny, a dude in striped pants riding a 45 with mega high trumpet exhaust pipes.. Well it's the usual scene a bunch of louts come to a small town to reek havoc n get thrown out and have a party on the seaside with pregnent Dianne Ladd.. Dern trys to save her from the crazed gang, but in the end a  group of stereo typed peons in mexivests save the day (got to be seen to be believed). Well filmed and good enough acting for a C flick. If ya like Dern this flick will floot ya boat.

See it here for free:

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Devil Rider 1970 (whole Movie)

This is Floridas entry to the biker flick sweapsteaks.. This duesy is a real C movie or B movie at best. A tale of a bored square blond chick who has a fight with his sqaurer than square karate instructer boy friend, teaming up with a band of sleazy  bikers n getting into trouble in the usall predictable way, and a father who hires the clumsiest private eye around to find her. The riding scenes, bikes and soundtrack by a unknown local band give this flick an edge it would have otherwise lacked. Theres the usall dose of inbreed loutish behaviour and general neantherthal moves. See it if C flicks are ya thing. These movie posters are so exagerated that seeing the movie you think you're seeing the wrong flick..