Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Glory Stompers 1968 (whole movie)

Oh yes cheese time.. The opening scene with a bunch guys in texter drawn patches showing of on their boring stock Triumphs to the cheeseiest 60's pop music with go go dancing is usally a recipe for a bad tasteless square flick and the first time I saw this I kinda cringed in disbelief. Well enter bad ass Dennis Hooper n his gang and things turn for the better. The basic story: Hooper n his bad ass blue collar gang Black Souls stomp pretty boy white collar gang "glory stompers" leader and kidnap his old lady to sell off on the Mexican white slave market. The stomped dude wakes up n takes the chase. Loads of cool CA scenes and parties n general cool vibe. Dennis Hooper is the real star n sets the standard here.

See it here:

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