Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sleazy Rider (1973) (Whole Movie)

Wow this biker flick was a surprise when I first saw it. First  I thought well an early 70's biker flick so I thought no go go girls or crewcuts or other 60's square moves but little did I know I was gradually watching a biker skin flick.. First a cop  checks out a biker mamas snatch for illegal drugs (!) later the gang have a highly visual orgy to a rauchy Purple style song and later still, when the gang take their revenge on the snatch searching cop's family, they end up raping the daughter, wife and the cop himself gets done by a biker mama.. more details you yourself can discover.. Wow this is way cool.. so cool that after 2000 views it got pulled off Youtube... See it here on daily motion.

Watch the whole movie on Daily motion:


  1. Anyone got the soundtrack to this? Some serious blues jams goin' down!