Sunday, November 18, 2012

Werevolves on wheels 1971 (Whole Movie)

Indeed this flickl is an original thing. You have part biker flick with the usal loutish crowd of CA bikers on chopped bikes but than comes the twist.. You have also part 1970's satanic Occult flick. These two genres are interviened and the result is quite interesting.  Story than. The usal lout biker gang ride on the backroads n do their thing and than a tarot wielding member surguests that the gang visit a sect of satanic monks. The gang gets drugged n a mama gets inducted into a ritual which the rest of the gang disturbed n get cursed. After than all kinds of weird shit hits them n they mysteriously die one by one.. Yes not ya usal Hells angels on wheels. Great sound track with Don Gere penned opening theme track as the best treat. Enjoy the flick folks.

See it here:

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