Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Naked Angels 1969 (Whole movie)

Naked Angels is a good biker revenge flick with a kick ass Heavy sound track and in the late 60's/ early 70's things have geled and a more serious cool vibe in gear n in bikes (tasteful long fork choppers) is present. Here a lame ass Biker gang leader wants to get even with a Las Vegas biker gang for stomping him and landing him in hospital.. The dude (leader) has also lost his marbles n becames a liability to the gang due to his egocentric reckless, disrepectful behaviour. Heavy misgynious scenes towards his old lady and general lack of respect for his gang land him out from the gang in the midst of their amazing epic desert run getting to their Vegas enemys camp. The vibe is heavy  and the desert scenes are among the best in biker flick history.. Enjoy the flick folks

Angels From Hell (1968) (whole movie)

Tom Stern (of later Hells Angels 69 fame) as a upstart ex Vietnam veteran who returns to his old club The Madcaps of Bakersfield to raise hell and go head on with the law. Chessy sqaure 60's music, squarerer than square 60's squares and Hollywood stereotypical bikers with a CA 1960's HA vibe thrown in. This flick is surpricingly watchable and despite the lame stock customized Triumphs doesn't kill the vibe as in many other B and C biker flicks. Sonny Barger is credited as story adviser on this flick. Enjoy it folks