Monday, December 24, 2012

Rebel Rousers (1967) 1970

I surpose most of you remember Jack Nicolson as the hot head kid from Hells Angels on wheels 1967 or the drunk suit in Easy rider or his famous "Heres Johnny" persona in The Shining. This flick was done in 67 but released first in 70 in order to cash in on Nicholsons Easy rider fame. Well Bruce Dern is the actor in focus here n Nicholson plays a minor role as Bunny, a dude in striped pants riding a 45 with mega high trumpet exhaust pipes.. Well it's the usual scene a bunch of louts come to a small town to reek havoc n get thrown out and have a party on the seaside with pregnent Dianne Ladd.. Dern trys to save her from the crazed gang, but in the end a  group of stereo typed peons in mexivests save the day (got to be seen to be believed). Well filmed and good enough acting for a C flick. If ya like Dern this flick will floot ya boat.

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Devil Rider 1970 (whole Movie)

This is Floridas entry to the biker flick sweapsteaks.. This duesy is a real C movie or B movie at best. A tale of a bored square blond chick who has a fight with his sqaurer than square karate instructer boy friend, teaming up with a band of sleazy  bikers n getting into trouble in the usall predictable way, and a father who hires the clumsiest private eye around to find her. The riding scenes, bikes and soundtrack by a unknown local band give this flick an edge it would have otherwise lacked. Theres the usall dose of inbreed loutish behaviour and general neantherthal moves. See it if C flicks are ya thing. These movie posters are so exagerated that seeing the movie you think you're seeing the wrong flick..

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Glory Stompers 1968 (whole movie)

Oh yes cheese time.. The opening scene with a bunch guys in texter drawn patches showing of on their boring stock Triumphs to the cheeseiest 60's pop music with go go dancing is usally a recipe for a bad tasteless square flick and the first time I saw this I kinda cringed in disbelief. Well enter bad ass Dennis Hooper n his gang and things turn for the better. The basic story: Hooper n his bad ass blue collar gang Black Souls stomp pretty boy white collar gang "glory stompers" leader and kidnap his old lady to sell off on the Mexican white slave market. The stomped dude wakes up n takes the chase. Loads of cool CA scenes and parties n general cool vibe. Dennis Hooper is the real star n sets the standard here.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Werevolves on wheels 1971 (Whole Movie)

Indeed this flickl is an original thing. You have part biker flick with the usal loutish crowd of CA bikers on chopped bikes but than comes the twist.. You have also part 1970's satanic Occult flick. These two genres are interviened and the result is quite interesting.  Story than. The usal lout biker gang ride on the backroads n do their thing and than a tarot wielding member surguests that the gang visit a sect of satanic monks. The gang gets drugged n a mama gets inducted into a ritual which the rest of the gang disturbed n get cursed. After than all kinds of weird shit hits them n they mysteriously die one by one.. Yes not ya usal Hells angels on wheels. Great sound track with Don Gere penned opening theme track as the best treat. Enjoy the flick folks.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Cycle Savages 1969 (whole movie)

Bruce Dern time folks.. Yes either ya like him or hate him. The first time I saw this flick I did the later. But after my usal dose of C movies this B flick was really good. Bruce Dern is here a real bad sleazy white slaving misogynic biker who gets into a rift with a sketsch artist.. Yes a dude who draws pictures n scenes.. Well Dern and the gang see the problem if the law gets hold of the pictures due to their unsavry and unlawful goings on.. Yes harashing squares, gang banging etc etc.. Well they get the artist in a creative way. Enjoy the flick n late 60's California

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sleazy Rider (1973) (Whole Movie)

Wow this biker flick was a surprise when I first saw it. First  I thought well an early 70's biker flick so I thought no go go girls or crewcuts or other 60's square moves but little did I know I was gradually watching a biker skin flick.. First a cop  checks out a biker mamas snatch for illegal drugs (!) later the gang have a highly visual orgy to a rauchy Purple style song and later still, when the gang take their revenge on the snatch searching cop's family, they end up raping the daughter, wife and the cop himself gets done by a biker mama.. more details you yourself can discover.. Wow this is way cool.. so cool that after 2000 views it got pulled off Youtube... See it here on daily motion.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Naked Angels 1969 (Whole movie)

Naked Angels is a good biker revenge flick with a kick ass Heavy sound track and in the late 60's/ early 70's things have geled and a more serious cool vibe in gear n in bikes (tasteful long fork choppers) is present. Here a lame ass Biker gang leader wants to get even with a Las Vegas biker gang for stomping him and landing him in hospital.. The dude (leader) has also lost his marbles n becames a liability to the gang due to his egocentric reckless, disrepectful behaviour. Heavy misgynious scenes towards his old lady and general lack of respect for his gang land him out from the gang in the midst of their amazing epic desert run getting to their Vegas enemys camp. The vibe is heavy  and the desert scenes are among the best in biker flick history.. Enjoy the flick folks

Angels From Hell (1968) (whole movie)

Tom Stern (of later Hells Angels 69 fame) as a upstart ex Vietnam veteran who returns to his old club The Madcaps of Bakersfield to raise hell and go head on with the law. Chessy sqaure 60's music, squarerer than square 60's squares and Hollywood stereotypical bikers with a CA 1960's HA vibe thrown in. This flick is surpricingly watchable and despite the lame stock customized Triumphs doesn't kill the vibe as in many other B and C biker flicks. Sonny Barger is credited as story adviser on this flick. Enjoy it folks