Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bury Me An Angel (1972)

Heres a really rare and weird biker flick nuthin' you are used too for sure.......

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Angels die hard 1970 (whole movie)

Here is  another good early 70's biker flick. Bikers come to a small town and prejudice among town folks gets the better of them and results are thereafter. You have William Smith in this movie and some kick ass riding scenes and good soundtrack. Have a good time with this movie.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Devil's Angels (1967)

This is a really good biker flick. After the polished and nice Wild Angels there seemed to be a need for a more realistic gritter biker flick that portrayed the CA bikers in their true rough n tough blue collar spendor. These 2nd generation Okies as the sheriffs pals in the flick puts it are a crude raw bunch. Hit and run on a citizen, later crashing a small town picnic to brute seduction of a local gal with the usual consequences. Great colorful period bikers in way out there gear with kick ass chopped knuckle and Panhead scooters. Enjoy this 1960's gem. People who put these flicks down are usually squares themselves..nuff said.

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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Jesus Trip 1971 (whole movie)

Heres another early 70's biker flick. A group of bikers get busted at the border customs for possession of drugs and out run the law and get chased all around the California desert taking a detour to a convent where the pick up a nun. Quite tame flick with mostly riding scenes on desert roads as the gang tries to out run the law and a gang on dirtbikes.. Tame soundtrack aswell  Give a go anyway.

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Than Came Bronson - Pilot Movie 1969

This movie was released before the tv series. Compared to the tv series it is quite good. Folks state side have fond memories of the tv series but in my personal opinion it's kinda like Brady bunch do goodering on a sporty. Bland family oriented television to be honest. You can disagree if ya like. This pilot movie length episod sees journalist Bronson giving up his deadend job after his biker buddie commits suicide n he buys the dudes sporty to help out the widow. He starts his journey in CA n picks up a real bitchy run away bride (lucky groom I say) and has family oriented adventures with her. Loads of cool riding scenes and period vibe. Enjoy it folks.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Rebel Rousers (1967) 1970

I surpose most of you remember Jack Nicolson as the hot head kid from Hells Angels on wheels 1967 or the drunk suit in Easy rider or his famous "Heres Johnny" persona in The Shining. This flick was done in 67 but released first in 70 in order to cash in on Nicholsons Easy rider fame. Well Bruce Dern is the actor in focus here n Nicholson plays a minor role as Bunny, a dude in striped pants riding a 45 with mega high trumpet exhaust pipes.. Well it's the usual scene a bunch of louts come to a small town to reek havoc n get thrown out and have a party on the seaside with pregnent Dianne Ladd.. Dern trys to save her from the crazed gang, but in the end a  group of stereo typed peons in mexivests save the day (got to be seen to be believed). Well filmed and good enough acting for a C flick. If ya like Dern this flick will floot ya boat.

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